Plastics recycling is critical part of any sustainable materials management (SMM) program. Plastics recycling has a strong track record of growth which continues today. The millions of tons of plastics recycled has increased every year since 1990. The plastics value chain – from plastics makers and converters to brand owners and recyclers – is working together to make plastics recycling stronger and more inclusive of all types of plastics than ever before. Our efforts include developing new technology to increase the amount and variety of plastics recycled, educating communities and consumers on best practices, and developing data to track and publicly report our progress. Please explore the various resources on this page that explain many of the programs and activities of NAPRA members. If you have any questions please contact Kim Holmes or Craig Cookson.

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The North American Plastics Recycling Alliance was formed with the goal of increasing collaboration between the many trade associations working on efforts to drive the recovery of plastic products.  Through collaboration, NAPRA seeks to create the relationships between organizations that will help accelerate and amplify the valuable work being done by each association.  The members of NAPRA will also work to identify common issues and opportunities and leverage their collective expertise and member networks to expand recovery opportunities.