Plastics are vibrant materials that are used every day in a myriad of applications. Recycling businesses – comprised of collectors, processors, reclaimers, converters and others play a vital role to ensure recycled plastics are used in the manufacture of new products and applications. Through this segment of the value chain, over 7.7 million tons of scrap plastic was recycled globally in 2013.  NAPRA members are working closely in this specific segment to develop new tools, educational materials and other deliverables to help these entrepreneurial businesses work smarter, safer and more efficiently. Through information sharing, educational outreach to stakeholders, and development of networking opportunities, NAPRA members are advancing the importance of plastic recycling and the role it plays in the overall product supply chain.


The North American Plastics Recycling Alliance was formed with the goal of increasing collaboration between the many trade associations working on efforts to drive the recovery of plastic products.  Through collaboration, NAPRA seeks to create the relationships between organizations that will help accelerate and amplify the valuable work being done by each association.  The members of NAPRA will also work to identify common issues and opportunities and leverage their collective expertise and member networks to expand recovery opportunities.