The member organizations of NAPRA, in particular Keep America Beautiful, The Recycling Partnership, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition focus on providing easy to understand information on the “what” and “how” of consumer recycling.  Recycling plastic products saves energy and resources, ensures plastics are not polluted, and creates jobs.  The resources listed here provide information about the benefits of plastic recycling, as well as tools and information about how and where to recycle plastic products.

Tools and Resources


The North American Plastics Recycling Alliance was formed with the goal of increasing collaboration between the many trade associations working on efforts to drive the recovery of plastic products.  Through collaboration, NAPRA seeks to create the relationships between organizations that will help accelerate and amplify the valuable work being done by each association.  The members of NAPRA will also work to identify common issues and opportunities and leverage their collective expertise and member networks to expand recovery opportunities.